Namura C-Mark

We recommend this brush with substantial hog hair bristles to students and people just starting out with oil painting.
You can choose from a wide range of options to suit any purpose with brushes available in three shapes – round, flat and filbert – from sizes 0 to 16.
Both the “Flat Set” and the “Filbert Set” seven-brush sets are also just right as a starter set.

Bristle material: Hog

Round Flat Filbert
Size 0 ¥250+tax ¥250+tax ¥250+tax
Size 2 ¥300+tax ¥300+tax ¥300+tax
Size 4 ¥350+tax ¥350+tax ¥350+tax
Size 6 ¥400+tax ¥400+tax ¥400+tax
Size 8 ¥460+tax ¥460+tax ¥460+tax
Size 10 ¥510+tax ¥510+tax ¥510+tax
Size 12 ¥570+tax ¥570+tax ¥570+tax
Size 14 ¥650+tax ¥650+tax ¥650+tax
Size 16 ¥750+tax ¥750+tax ¥750+tax
Seven-brush set H (Flat) Set ¥3,300+tax(Round Size 6・Flat Size 4・6・8・10・12・14)
Seven-brush set F (Filbert) Set ¥3,300+tax(Round Size 6・Filbert Size 4・6・8・10・12・14)