Namura OXF (Soft)

An imitation ox hair brush made mainly from horse leg. Known as “ox” for many years in Japan, it is still a popular example of a soft brush.
The tip holds paint well and retains its shape, making it popular among professionals for watercolors. *There may be slight differences in the bristle color, depending on the time of year the stock arrives.

Bristle materials: Horse leg, Chinese hog

Round Flat
Size 0 ¥800+tax ¥800+tax
Size 1 ¥800+tax ¥800+tax
Size 2 ¥1,000+tax ¥1,000+tax
Size 4 ¥1,200+tax ¥1,200+tax
Size 6 ¥1,400+tax ¥1,400+tax
Size 8 ¥1,600+tax ¥1,600+tax
Size 10 ¥2,000+tax ¥2,000+tax
Size 12 ¥2,300+tax ¥2,300+tax
Size 14 ¥2,600+tax ¥2,600+tax
Size 16 ¥3,000+tax ¥3,000+tax
Size 18 ¥3,300+tax ¥3,300+tax
Size 20 ¥3,900+tax ¥3,900+tax
Size 22 ¥4,700+tax ¥4,700+tax
Size 24 ¥6,500+tax ¥6,500+tax
Size 26 ¥8,000+tax ¥8,000+tax
Size 28 ¥9,000+tax ¥9,000+tax
Size 30 ¥10,000+tax ¥10,000+tax
Size 32 ¥11,000+tax
Size 34 ¥12,000+tax