Namura Raffine

Introducing the new standard in nylon bristle brushes, the second-generation Norme.
Three years have passed since the Norme art brush featuring exclusive syn sable first came on the market.
Now, to offer artists even more possibilities, we have maintained the characteristic liquid holding capacity while devoting meticulous care to creating versatile brush tips with bristles that come together smoothly into a precise point.

This brush also features our acclaimed velvet grip for superior comfort.
Now available in three elegant styles for the first time.

Bristle material: Brown nylon

LR (Long Round)
With more elongated bristles than a standard round brush, enjoy the liquid holding capacity, soft strokes and new possibilities for finely detailed work in a new and refreshing way.

OW (Oval Wash)
A great, multifunctional brush – use the brush’s belly to coat large surfaces, the tip for fine details and the sides for patterns and lines.

Q (Quill)
Soak the weighty bristles in water and discover what finely controlled strokes are possible with this brush featuring a sturdy body and a perfectly formed brush tip.

Long Round
LR-4 ¥1,200+tax
LR-6 ¥1,500+tax
LR-8 ¥1,900+tax
LR-10 ¥2,500+tax
LR-12 ¥2,800+tax
Oval Wash
OW-10 ¥2,500+tax
OW-20 ¥3,500+tax
Q-4 ¥3,500+tax
Q-6 ¥4,500+tax
Q-8 ¥5,000+tax